A single portal for EU law is being created to take the place of the
several seperate
legal databases that currently exist.

If you are a CELEX user, when you used to order a legal document with tables or graphics, you would click on the TIFF format and EUDOR would automatically open. You could then order these documents from EUDOR.

The EUDOR database has been closed to access as of May 31, 2001. It's content has not been closed permanently. The TIFF documents will still be accessible via EUR-Lex portal or by credit card or your CELEX account.

NOTE: When you select the TIFF or PDF icon in CELEX (in order to retrieve a table or graphics, which are not accesible in HTML format), a pop-up page opens and allows access to the document download via your account information. (ID and password)


For an official explanation of the new portal and these changes, please view:

On-line access to European law

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